I’m not sure what it is that I’m doing wrong.  Is it my writing style?  Is it my content?  Am I not pretty enough?  Am I not honest enough?  Am I not raw enough?

I read lots of other blogs.  I comment on lots of blogs.  I participate in linkys and memes.  And yet I feel stuck.
There are so few comments on most posts.  Unless it’s a competition and even then I am surprised by how few people enter the ones not worth hundreds of dollars.
I even ask questions at the end of most posts, but few people respond.
Is it the titles?  Am I boring?  Am I too “all over the place”?  All of the above?
I am steadily growing followers and likers, but my overall stats are sitting steady.  Even that in itself would not worry me, if I knew that people were enjoying my blog, if they were talking back to me.  That only seems to happen when I write one of my “inspired”, “in the moment” sad and painfully emotional posts.  The others are received in a rather luke warm manner.
So I ask you, dear reader, particularly if you also blog, what am I doing wrong?  I welcome all advice, I want to get better at writing, at grabbing your attention.  Please help….?