It's your turn to thrive!

Has your voice been squashed down for way too long?

Are you tired of always putting yourself last? 

Do you lack the confidence to really spread your wings and fly?

Imagine having the skills and knowledge that make you feel like an expert.

Imagine having the plan and the accountability to make your ideas turn into reality.

What if you could finally show the world how truly brilliant and clever you are?

All it takes is confidence. And confidence comes from knowing your stuff. Knowing where to find it, how to learn it and how to use it.

That’s where I come in. As a business coach, I will teach you what you need to know, hold your hand when you need it and most of all, I will believe in YOU.

Is this you?

You’ve spent your whole life looking after other people. Your children, your partner, your boss. Your needs always came last. 

Maybe you’ve had a job that paid well and gave you all the perks, but it never filled your cup. You’ve felt like you were a cog in the machine, but never made a real difference in the world.

In the back of your mind, though, you’ve always known that there was more. You’ve had a yearning, a dream to do something else. Maybe you’ve even started a little something on the side. A hobby that you’d love to turn into something more. You just really don’t know where to start or maybe you don’t even believe you can succeed?

“…Dorothy gave me a clear sense of direction, and lots of things to take away and action.”

As a business coach, I won’t tell you what success should mean to you, but I WILL help you define that for yourself. Then we will work out what you need to know and what steps you need to take to achieve that success. You might need topic-specific training, some one-on-one accountability coaching, or maybe you need to work on your business plan. 

Maybe you’re in search of someone who can write quality content for your website or build you that website. I can do that, too.

Some clients come to me because the swirling ideas in their heads are just too overwhelming and they need someone to tame them into a logical action plan with timelines.

My Story

I come from a maths/science/engineering background, so I love planning tools and logical processes. I also spent 15 years in the Victorian Public Service, where I mostly wrote and solved problems for a living, using my creative brain for a change. Having had enough of that, I took some time off to be a stay-at-home-mum and when my marriage broke up, I discovered blogging.

Blogging introduced me to digital marketing, including social media, copywriting and SEO. Building websites was already in my blood, from way back in the 90s and, as we know, practice makes perfect. I never imagined that my hobby from way back then would one day become my bread and butter.

“Dorothy is a passionate advocate for women in business….”

Speaking of blogging, I never would have survived the upheaval of my emotionally abusive marriage breakdown without it. It was a lifeline to the outside world and allowed me to meet a beautiful online community, whom I then connected with in person through various conferences, meet ups and workshops.

Here is a video of me telling my story at the 2012 Digital Parents Conference.

That’s not a very flattering still shot, is it?

But, while going to conferences is tremendous fun and very educational, it isn’t really that fulfilling. After a while, I realised that while I learnt heaps about digital marketing, I wanted to apply it to more than just my blog, make a difference in the world and, ideally, make some money. So in 2012, I moved from Melbourne to Ballarat and finally embraced my inner entrepreneur, just like I know you want to.

Dorothy K - Business CoachWhat you can expect

This sometimes comes as a pleasant shock, but I am super clear and concise in my communication and get right to the point. I won’t beat around the bush, I’ll just say it as I see it and if that’s something you’re not comfortable with, then perhaps I am not the right coach for you. But if you like straight up communication, getting to the point quickly, practical, actionable advice and getting your results fast, then we definitely should talk.

This goes for my work ethic, too. I do things fast. Super fast. Multi-tasking is a myth I never subscribed to, so I learnt to do tasks quickly. All my clients are surprised by just quickly I can deliver their finished product. If you need that kind of work ethic, please get in touch.

What else?

When I’m not working in my business, I still write. I’m thrilled that some of my writing has been featured on Simply MulticulturalPlanning with KidsBeautifully Organised and How Dare She.

As well as running my business, I run a networking group for women entrepreneurs here in Ballarat. If you’re a local, come and check us out.

When I’m not being a business owner, I hang out with my two sons and three cats. We like road trips, holidays and going out for coffee. Well, I’ve never tried to give coffee to the cats, or take them on holidays, but you get my drift.


If you want to know more about me, check out my personal blog, A blog of her own.

“Working with Dorothy gave me traction, accountability and momentum.”

Get in touch

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Professional Biography

Dorothy wears many hats, but her favourite one is that of a business coach. She has qualifications in Engineering, Adult Education, Small Business Management and Community Services. Next year, she is going back to university to study for a Master in Communication, to solidify everything she knows about online communication and digital media.

Her 15 year career in the Victorian Public Service included experience in the Departments of Education, Training, Labour, Employment and Justice, as well as the Office of Mining and Minerals and the Public Records Office. Her roles included project management, policy development, change management, group facilitation and planning.

While on Family Leave, Dorothy discovered blogging, which in turn led her to the world of digital marketing. Combining her many years’ experience in change management and group coaching with digital marketing, Dorothy started her coaching business in 2012 to help women entrepreneurs start and grow their own online endeavours.

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