Last week I sat down to rewrite my “About Me” page for this blog.  This was inspired by a short paragraph I wrote for my FB fan page, which, I felt, reflected the real ME, rather than the “high falutin” BLOGGER me.  However, as I had by then deleted my “brilliant” blurb, I had to start from scratch.

So I started writing and, before I knew it, I had a bloody essay on my hands!  And I’d only covered my babyhood!  OK, I guess we’re writing my LIFE STORY rather than an ABOUT ME blurb.  I managed to stop myself before the essay became a book, uploaded a few photos and hit PUBLISH.

I know, you’re now expecting an overnight success story – a huge blip in readership, lots of comments and a book deal!

No, not at all.  But my head would not stop.  I already had a title for the next instalment and the general outline of the content.  This morning, er, afternoon, I sat down and wrote an outline of the whole story – MY LIFE.  It neatly split itself up into post-sized chunks with very catchy titles.  Well, at least I think they’re catchy!  And then I had a realisation that this was something that’s been sitting at the back of my mind for years.  Writing down everything.  My whole life.

My English teacher from Year 9 through to Year 11, continously encouraged my writing.  Even when we exchanged letters while she was teaching English in Botswana she would always comment on the quality of my writing.  How it put her right in the moment.  How she loved my dry humour.  She and others have often commented that my life story would make great reading.  Julie Moffat – you created a moster!

So, from time to time I’ve toyed with the idea of writing it all down.  I have journals, I have photos.  I have this blog.  But when it came to actually doing it, I could never bring myself to do it.  It seemed too hard, too big, too precocious.  Who did I think I was, writing about my life?  Why would anyone want to read it?

Well, it seems that my subconscious slunk past my ego by simply taking over my fingers as I began typing ABOUT ME.  Now the worst part is behind me – beginning.

What about you?  Has a post ever decided to take over and become something other than what you meant it to be?