Do you enjoy writing, or do you hate it with a passion? Do you have an irrational fear of the blank page, or screen? Do you put off content creation in favour of other, more enjoyable, or “important” activities?

Does it take you ages to think of content for your social media channels? How long have you been waiting to create that free ebook to give away to your mailing list subscribers?

You’ve probably learnt by now that in digital marketing, “content is king!”, but if writing is not your thing, you will end up spending a lot of time trying to do it, thinking about doing it and then actually doing it. You will procrastinate, worry and stare at your writing, before finally hitting the “publish” or “send” buttons every time you need to create content.

Creating quality content requires planning, research, writing, editing and publishing.  This all takes time, time you probably resent spending because it’s just not fun.

Dorothy K Online Success Coach - Quality Content Takes Time

Time is precious. Especially so when running your own business, managing a household and looking after a family. There never seems to be enough of it. So why do we spend so much of it on tasks that we’re simply not good at, or don’t enjoy doing?

I ask you to consider how much time and effort you could save by outsourcing those tasks to people who specialise in them. Imagine, how much extra time you could gain to work on your business, not in it, or to spend with your family?

Someone who enjoys and is good at a task you don’t like, won’t spend as much time as you would on it. They are efficient and effective at what they do. They will do it quickly, they will do it well and they will probably like it. Surprisingly, they also won’t charge you as much as you think they might, simply because it’s done quickly, in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it.

I remember how much I resisted getting a cleaner for my house. I thought it was a ridiculous extravagance. The truth was that she did in two hours what would have taken me at least 5, not to mention the time spent thinking about how much I despise housework and finding creative ways of avoiding it. Anything was better than cleaning a toilet. Just having the worry taken away was worth my $44 a fortnight.

So what tasks do you dislike most in your business? Which ones are you least competent in? Are they ones you could outsource to someone else?

When discussing outsourcing content creation, I often hear the objection that “they don’t know my business as well as me”.

A good copywriter will take time to get to know your business. They will ask questions about your business, about your clients, about your products and services. They will do their research and create content that is customised to your business. Your content will read and sound as if it was created by you.

So stop wasting time thinking about how much you hate writing. There are plenty of people who love it, who will save you all the worry and who will give you back some precious time.