Starting, running and growing your business can be intimidating.

It can be hard to believe enough in yourself to call yourself a businesswoman, let alone a business owner.

What if they see through me? What if they’ll know I don’t know what I’m doing?

Confidence comes from knowing your stuff and having the skills and tools to do all the tasks that are required of you when you are a business owner. Courage comes from doing the tasks over and over again and succeeding time and time again.

I meet so many women in business who are not brave enough to call themselves a business owner. Or who are not courageous enough to call what they’re doing a “real” business. 

Does that sound like you? Do the words “little business”, “hobby” or “side-hustle” feature in your vocabulary? Do you lack the confidence to really take charge of that business and make it real?

What if you could learn the skills and the tools you need to run and grow a successful business?? What if you could do it in the company of other women like you, who can share the highs and lows of business ownership with you, as well as their wisdom?

Imagine your very own coach to teach you everything you need to know about running and growing a successful business. Imagine getting immediate feedback and advice on the issues that you’re facing in business from week to week. Imagine having accountability for the tasks you set yourself each week.

Welcome to the Bravery Mastermind!

I teach women like you how to become brave decision-makers in their businesses. I teach skills and tools, as well as sharing the knowledge I have gained over a 25-year career in both the private and public sector, on how to run a business, solve problems and take action every day that leads to increased confidence and business growth. 

Dorothy is a passionate advocate for women in business and I know she has inspired me and many other women to follow their dreams and persist in starting and growing their own businesses. Louise Jones

Many women in business lack the confidence to make those decisions that will make their business grow. To do that Facebook Live, to make that offer, to go to that networking event, to launch that new product. I see them asking the same questions over and over again in Facebook groups, on Instagram and in real life, always second-guessing themselves and always wondering, “Am I good enough?” 

When these women come together in small facilitated groups, they draw a lot of that confidence from each other and they are amazing cheerleaders for each other, too. They are also pretty great at brainstorming when someone is wrestling with a tricky issue or has a brilliant idea. And it works even better when their coach can provide clarity about goals, teach them new skills, use problem-solving tools and challenge some of their mindsets. And all the while, in the background, the members of these groups become friends.

Now you, too, can access such a group by joining the Bravery Mastermind.

You will gain skills in running and growing a successful business, get access to immediate feedback on issues that you are facing in your business week to week, develop long-term relationships with like-minded women that might even lead to exciting new ventures, and along the way you will get brave enough to make those decisions that will increase your confidence and income.

You will no longer be intimidated by business planning, marketing funnels, sales pages or social media. Together we will overcome your fears and help you apply your new skills to making money in your business.

What is a Mastermind?

It’s the coming together of multiple minds to form one super-wise Mastermind,

What will it give you?

  • regular group meetings to catch up on your week and set weekly goals,
  • customised group learning determined by the group needs,
  • multiple new perspectives on your business, your ideas and your challenges,
  • reflection on your business growth and learning from week to week,
  • clarity about your business goals and objectives,
  • accountability for your action plan through weekly progress reports,
  • growth for your business through planned and accountable actions,
  • personal development through business coaching and brainstorming,
  • connection with others like you, dealing with the same issues on a daily basis,
  • a boost in energy that comes from being with like-minded people and exposure to new ideas,
  • opportunities for collaboration on new projects and events.

How will it work?

  1. We will meet online weekly via Zoom,
  2. Each person will have dedicated time to focus on their business to:
  • reflect on what they achieved in the previous week in their business, what worked well, what didn’t work so well,
  • get honest feedback and advice from the other members,
  • commit to a set of actions for the coming week focusing on business growth,

3. Each week one person will get the opportunity to be in the Hot Seat to:

  • use the group to brainstorm ideas or challenges,
  • have access to business coaching from me, as well as the collective wisdom of the group,

4. Everyone will get an opportunity to:

  • get new learning on topics that will help them grow their business,
  • seek out opportunities for collaboration on projects and events with other members.

We will also have our own private Facebook group where we can chat in between meetings.

Who is this for?

Solopreneurs who:

  • want to start or grow their business,
  • want to grow in confidence as a business owner,
  • want to stop thinking small about themselves and start feeling brave in the actions they take,
  • are not afraid of having their current ways of thinking challenged and of trying new tools and ideas,
  • are service or product-based businesses,
  • identify as a woman,
  • are interested in personal development,
  • want to learn new business skills,
  • are keen to break through some unhelpful mindsets,
  • like meeting new people.

Who am I?

Dorothy Krajewski - Head Shot

I am Dorothy Krajewski. A business coach with 25 years of experience in helping people get their work done and teaching them how to do their work better. I am a certified adult educator and group facilitator, experienced in helping groups come up with new ideas, solve problems and plan for the future. In addition to business coaching, I provide copywriting and digital marketing services to my clients.

I am a master problem solver, people connector and question asker. I will probe deeply to find the reason why you’re not getting things done and what’s standing in the way of your business success. I am also a massive cheerleader for my clients and you will find no one more enthusiastic about your business, except perhaps yourself.

Yes, I have a funny name and a funny accent. I was born in Poland, but have lived most of my life in Australia. I have two teenage sons, whom I raise on my own, with the very able assistance of my three cats. I’ve lived in Ballarat for over eight years, so that makes me “almost” a local. The future will see me move closer to the coast, because I just love the ocean and its soothing effect on my psyche.

Working with Dorothy gave me traction, accountability and momentum. Having someone support me in my business has been invaluable in helping me move forward at a fast rate. With Dorothy’s support I have consistently ran my workshops, put myself out there and am now ready to do live speaking…something I have had a real fear about. Helen Frys

How do you join?

Membership is open to any solopreneur based in Australia who meets the above criteria. The Bravery Mastermind is ongoing and you can join any time. The period of membership is 6 months and you can join as often as you like.

Please note that the group size will be capped at 10 to make sure that everyone who joins gets maximum value from their investment.



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