fire in my bellyLast night the Federal Budget was handed down in the Australian Parliament.

I had been out networking with a great bunch of women entrepreneurs, so was completely oblivious to it all, but when I returned home, the internet outrage was almost flying off my computer screen.

I was angry, too, mostly about how the budget will affect me personally, but then I realised that feeding the anger will only make it worse, so I walked away from the computer and went to bed. My last thought as I fell asleep was, “I love my life”.

This morning, the internet was still outraged. And I was outraged, too, but, slowly, I realised that my outrage was directed towards a society in which such a budget could even exist. Slowly, my outrage turned into a fire in my belly, a fire fueling my desire to change society and the world.

I do not want to live in a society where education, healthcare and welfare are not universally available to those who want it and need it. I do not want to live in a society of people who think that those things should only be available to those who can afford it. I do not want to live in a society where the underprivileged are not looked after when they need it most. I do not want to live in a society that thinks it’s OK to turn away refugees. I do not want to live in a hard-hearted world.

I do want to live in a world where we all look after one another, where we care. Where peace and education are valued more than war and being right.

Having just attended the Big Hearted Business un-Conference, I know that I am not alone. I know that there are people out there, mostly women, who believe that it is possible to change the world into the kind of place we want to live in.

I believe that it’s up to us, women, to  finally step into our power and make the changes we want to see in the world. From speaking with many women business owners, I know that most of us are in business to help and empower others and to make a difference. It is up to us to be heard – via our voices, our choices, our art, our writing and our businesses. We have the power and now we need to be strong and courages enough to use it.

Let’s not be afraid to want what we want, to be who we want to be, no matter how audacious that may seem to us. Let’s not allow the society we live in kill our ideals and values. Danielle LaPorte told us that the current structures were broken and that we needed to honour women to heal them.

So, women – honour yourselves. Trust your intuition, share your ideas, live your values, follow your bliss. Believe that each one of us can make a difference. A million, billion small differences each one of us can make WILL add up to a tsunami of difference that WILL change the world. If we start showing up and speaking up across all the spheres of life and society, we WILL make a difference.

“Decide to rise!”, said Danielle LaPorte and I invite you to do the same. Let’s not be afraid or hemmed in by the status quo, by the way things have always been done, let’s be brave. We each have a part to play, a gift to bestow on the world, a lesson to teach.

My mission is to empower you, in any way I can. If I can help you navigate online technology, provide business advice or build your online platform, then that’s what I want to do. If you need a sounding board to brainstorm your ideas, then this too we can do together. Just don’t remain silent, don’t sit back, don’t let your dreams die. You are “powerful beyond measure”, as Marianne Williamson told us. Never forget that.

The fire in my belly is burning brightly. It is pushing me to step out of my comfort zone, to show you inside my heart and inside my passion. It is fueling my desire to be of help to those who are brave enough to rise up. Are you ready?