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Learning content writing the hard way

Have you ever watched Yes, Minister! or Utopia? Well, they didn’t exaggerate, working in government is exactly like that and while I can watch Yes, Minister and laugh, I find Utopia way too triggering.

I honed my writing craft writing for government departments and learnt very quickly how not to sound like me and how not to take multiple rounds of edits personally. Well, eventually I did, but years and years of it can be potentially soul-destroying as you start to feel like nothing you write is ever good enough.

I also learnt how to take a bunch of other people’s views and opinions and combine them into a cohesive document, making everybody happy.

Imagine my surprise when in my first private writing gig – writing short blog posts for small businesses – my writing was just published without any changes! Yeah, I was shocked, too.

Valuing content writing

Unfortunately, being paid $15 per blog post felt like exploitation, so I didn’t stay there very long. Instead, I started running blog giveaways for a bloggy friend of mine who actually valued my experience and paid much better.

At the same time, I was writing some personal blog posts about the migrant experience for another website, which was really satisfying and paid OK. Or so I thought.

It wasn’t until recently that I found out that someone with the depth and breadth of my experience in writing ought to charge $1 per word. Ridiculous, right? Imagine getting paid $500 for a 500-word blog post. I’m sure there are writers out there who can demand these kinds of rates, but I don’t quite have the brand recognition for that, yet.

It seems that copywriting and freelance writing are hugely undervalued in the business world. You can get a blog post written for just $50 if you want to shop around. But do you know who’s actually writing this for you? What experience do they have? Will they have taken the time to get to know your business? Are they being exploited? And don’t even talk to me about Fiverr and Upwork. Talk about exploitation!

You get what you pay for

I recently increased my blog prices to $150 per blog post, which felt really scary, but in all honesty, I should charge double that. I know that I can deliver an excellent blog post for you at this price, in your brand voice, fully researched and SEOd for the keyword we choose together. And you’ll be dealing directly with me, the writer and the business owner in one, working just for you.

Now you get the benefit of those 25 years of writing experience and all that frustration.

Also, these days I only accept a single round of edits on the writing I do for you, so I suggest you make the most of it. If you want to edit your edits, that’s fine, but remember you’ve PAID me to write those words. Although, maybe you just needed someone to kickstart your thinking? I know that’s how the process works for some clients.

To find out how we can work together to get some words written for you, set up a free appointment, or purchase a single blog post package.

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