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Biz Blog Bootcamp

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Do you panic when it’s time to write another blog post and you have absolutely no idea what to write about?

Would you like to have a stash of 50 blog topics up your sleeve that you are continuously working on, as ideas come to you?

Then join me for this 21 Day Bootcamp where you will learn how to write a blog post people actually want to read, how to never run out of blog post ideas and how to put YOU back into your blog, so that’s it’s not just another boring internet article.

We will cover SEO, blog post structure and the boundaries you must set so that your blog posts don’t get TOO personal in this 21-day self-paced coaching program, supported by a private Facebook group and a live weekly Q & A.

During this 21 Day Biz Blog Bootcamp, you will build a powerful business blog that delivers high value to your reader, again and again.

If you want a blog that builds trust between you and your readers by showcasing your expertise and knowledge, and tells your readers what they need to know right when they need to know it, then this program is for you.

Over 21 Days you will complete one task a day, which should take you no more than 30 minutes each. Every five days, you get two days off to catch up, review and reflect.

There is also a Facebook Group to share your results and ask any questions that pop up along the way.

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Dorothy Krajewski

Dorothy has always been a writer. From school book reports, to uni essays, to Ministerial briefings and then to her personal and business websites. She has been blogging for nearly 9 years, during which she learnt the art of business, using digital marketing for client engagement and the technicalities of Wordpress. She can design your website, write your content and coach you in how to manage the online world yourself.

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