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Blog to Biz in 21 Days

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Turn your passion for blogging into a profitable business in this 21 day, self-paced program, supported by a private Facebook group and weekly live Q & As.

I have over 12 years’ experience in blogging for both money and pleasure, as well as in running a business, and have developed this course to share everything I’ve learnt with bloggers who love blogging, but don’t yet have the business know-how to monetise their blogs.

In this course, we will explore all the options, figure out what works for you and develop a business model that’s unique to your business.

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Dorothy Krajewski

Dorothy has always been a writer. From school book reports, to uni essays, to Ministerial briefings and then to her personal and business websites. She has been blogging for nearly 9 years, during which she learnt the art of business, using digital marketing for client engagement and the technicalities of Wordpress. She can design your website, write your content and coach you in how to manage the online world yourself.

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