What does a business coach do?

A business coach helps business owners, like you, start and grow their businesses. They are just like a sports coach – they will assess where you are now, work with you to understand where you want to be and develop a plan for reaching your goals. Then they will work with you to achieve your goals using tools, resources, and their own experience to help you achieve them. If you experience any challenges or problems in your business, your business coach will help you come up with a solution and/or refer you to other professionals who will be able to help you.

A good business coach will also cheer you on and celebrate your successes with you.

How do I know if I need a business coach?

If you need help starting or growing your business, or if you feel stuck in your business, then you probably need a business coach. If you’re feeling stuck, a good exercise to do is to write down all the areas you’re feeling stuck in. If one area, in particular, stands out, then you might need to hire an expert in that area, for example, a marketing coach, or someone to help you with sales. If you can’t pinpoint where you are stuck or if you are stuck in multiple areas, then a business coach is the way to go. A general feeling of stuckness indicates a lack of clarity and purpose and a business coach is the perfect person to help you bust through that.

How long should I work with a business coach?

That is completely up to you. And to some extent up to your coach. You might want to hire a coach for a one-off session to help solve a particular problem, or you might want to work with them on an ongoing basis. Some coaches might have programs and packages of different durations, so you might end up working with them for 3, 6, or 12 months. I know many business owners who work with their coaches on an ongoing basis to make sure their businesses keep evolving and growing as their market does.

Will my coach follow a specific program?

Some coaches do follow a specific program or process in their coaching, especially if they’re affiliated with a particular training program or organisation, or they may have one they developed themselves. Other coaches, like me, are more intuitive and tailor the process to each individual depending on their business needs, their personality, and their skills. Some people love following a blueprint, while others prefer a more free-flowing adaptable process. Ask your potential coach about how they prefer to coach when you first meet with them.

How often will I meet with my coach?

That depends on your coaching program and on your needs. You might meet with your coach weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You might also have access to your coach by phone or email in between your coaching sessions. If you’re not sure, just ask.

Is business coaching expensive?

Business coaches have spent a lot of time learning and working in their businesses. They have gained a lot of expertise and knowledge, both through formal training and on-the-job experience. They are highly trained individuals with an exclusive skill set.

Not everyone can be a coach. Just because someone is good at business, doesn’t mean that they can help others run theirs.

You are paying for this expertise and the fact that you are getting your coach’s attention one-on-one. Some coaches offer group programs and if you want to save some money, this may be a better option for you, but you won’t get the same individualised attention and content as you would in one-on-one coaching.

Business coaches who are just starting out in their own practice may offer lower rates than other more established coaches. They are just as skilled, but might not have the social proof that their more established colleagues do and so might be more affordable in the early days of their practice. You might not see as many testimonials on their websites or Facebook pages, but that doesn’t mean that they are not just as qualified as the others. Look out for these new coaches, they are excellent value for money, but always check what business experience they’ve had.

Can my coach fire me?

Surprisingly, yes. You should always check your coach’s Terms of Service which you will usually find on their website. If you can’t, then ask for them. If you breach the Terms of Service, which will be different for each coach, then the coach has the right to end your relationship. Sometimes you may find that there is a personality clash between you and your coach and that, too, can lead them to end your relationship.


Now that you know more about working with a business coach, hopefully, you will hire one and see for yourself how much help they can be in starting and growing your business.

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