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Dorothy Krajewski

Is anyone reading your copy?


You spend your working life getting the best out of others, but who’s making sure your copy is showing the best of you?

Let’s face it, most copy is soooo boring, you’d think a bunch of really boring people wrote it. But you’re not boring, I mean, look at the work you do! You bring the best out of people every damn day! You help them achieve incredible things, so let’s show off the skill and insight that takes in your copy.

You’ll have clients lining up for miles when they read about the results you deliver.



Blog Articles

Relatable, easy to read and well researched blog posts in your niche, targeted at your peeps.

Website Copy

Inviting and easy to read website content that will make your visitors want to stay longer.

Email Sequences

Sales and nurturing email sequences, regular newsletters and integration with your provider.

Content Strategy

Let’s look at the big picture for focusing traffic on specific content across your online presence.

Email Marketing

Setting up and integrating your email marketing the right way.

SEO Strategy

SEO keywords, research and a strategy to bring traffic to your website.

SEO Set Up

Google Analytics and Search Console set up.

Product Descriptions

Get those visitors clicking Buy Now! on all your product and service descriptions.


Information architecture

Structure your website in a way that makes sense not just to you, but to your visitors.

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.

Get people to like you

Having clear, relatable content is about getting people to know, like and trust you. A lot of copy reads like it’s been written by a robot and it’s hard for it to be likeable. We need to show your humanity, your sense of humour and your quirks throughout your content and that’s why you need a copywriter like me.

Get more traffic

When people know, like and trust you, they will come back again and again for your content, they will share it with others and your traffic will grow organically. Together with a strategic approach to SEO we will ensure more visitors to your website, who are there for the right reasons.

Make more money

More visitors who actually like you means more sales, especially when your website content is targeted at those visitors and your product and service descriptions are irresistible. Nurturing and sales email sequences will also bring in more buyers.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!


I’ve been writing for a very, very long time, sometimes for pleasure, sometimes for work and always with lots and lots of thought. Having learnt English as a second language, I quickly excelled at it at school, in the same way I previously excelled at Polish. My English spelling and grammar are book-learned and so second to none.

What’s always been special about my communication, though, thanks to my Polish culture and possibly my Autism, is the clarity of language I’ve always had. Having spent a substantial length of time in the Public Service, I have over a decade of Plain English writing under my belt and believe that the best words to use are most often the simplest. The average reading age on the internet is said to be that of an eighth-grader, so I always keep that in mind when creating content.

If you’re after fancy footwork, witticisms and puns galore, then I am not the writer for you. However, if you want to make sure that your readers know exactly who you are, what results you can get, and what it’s like working with you, then you will want to work with me for all your copy needs.

Together we will work out your tone of voice, your ideal client’s needs and wants, and your goals for the copy you want to create. I will then work on your copy while you get to do the thing that you love to do – work with your clients. Or maybe play with your dog. Although, most likely, you will be opening doors for your three cats, like me.

If you’d like to book in a time to talk about your copy project, click here.


And the clients go….

My session with Dorothy gave me a clear sense of direction, and lots of things to take away and action.  I feel ready to go now and can’t wait to get started.  Dorothy gave thoughtful and helpful advice, and has a lovely reassuring manner  Thank-you Dorothy!

Sam Cook

Virtual Assistant, Sam Cook VA

Dorothy K updated my blog site with a newsletter sign up quickly and efficiently. DK also managed my worries about the process, given I’d crashed my site horribly when I’d first attempted it myself. 10/10 for bedside manner as well as excellent work!

Narelle Harris


Dorothy has a lovely way with words especially in her blog posts.  She is not afraid to let honesty shine through and that’s what strikes the responsive chord in her readers.  As a member of my writing team, Dorothy used the same skills to make her writing sing.

Anne Maybus

Clever Streak

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