Last night’s post was written partly out of frustration, partly self-pity and partly genuine curiosity.

I had been reading a lot of blog posts through the day and found that within minutes of publishing they already had something like 10-15 comments and they weren’t necessarily huge blogs. Huge, as in number of followers/subscribers.

Reading your responses this morning, I began pondering this question – what makes a reader want to comment on a blog post?  I too read lots of blogs and admit that I do not comment on all of them.  But time is only a minor consideration.

Some posts move me to comment and even if I do not have time to comment right away, I will go back and comment later.  I’ve even been known to walk away from the computer mid-comment because I needed to feed/rescue/entertain a child.

So what is it?  What is that factor that makes me add a comment to a blog post?  Off the top of my head here are some reasons why I leave a comment:

  • the post strikes an emotional chord with me, I want to add my advice, experience, encouragement, congratulations;
  • the writing is exceptionally good and I just need to tell the blogger how good it is;
  • the blog is new to me and I really enjoy it, but it has no, or very few, other comments;
  • the post offers advice that I needed to hear at that particular moment and want to thank the blogger for that;
  • the blogger is a friend, new to blogging and I want to encourage them;
  • it is a huge, very popular blog and I’m one of the first commenters – this tends to generate traffic to my blog, especially if I put some thought into my comment, making it interesting enough for readers to follow me back.

So, continuing the discussion from this morning, tell me why do you comment on some blog posts and not on others?