Hello lovely readers!

It has been such a busy time here in Insane land.  I have had blog posts running around in my head and no time to sit down and focus on writing anything.  Whenever I have a lot of things happening in my life, my brain just goes on strike and can only focus on one thing at a time.  Multi-tasking goes out the window!

So that’s what I’ve been doing.  Dealing with one thing at a time.

There was the Bloggers’ Brunch, where I picked up some great products to tell you about.  Then there was a bloggers’ conference, Blogopolis, where I learnt lots about how to make a blog the kind of place advertisers and sponsors want to work with.  And of course there was the excitement of spending two nights in a city hotel all by myself and having a quiet day to myself in the city for my birthday.

Then we moved house.  Well, first we had the packing, then the school concert and then the move, the unpacking, the living around boxes and buying more furniture.  Yesterday, we celebrated my mum’s birthday and tonight, I was lucky enough to attend the official opening of the Lindt Cafe in Chapel St in Melbourne.

All of that activity has left me very tired, but also inspired to keep working on my blog, making it what I want it to be, learning, exploring opportunities, focusing on doing what I love, not on what I should do.

So the blog will be getting a makeover, I will have a go at vlogging – if only to overcome my fear of being seen and judged on how I look and sound, I will be learning how to use my new camera and I will attempt to schedule regular writing time, to get all these posts out of my head and in front of your eyes.

I will continue to write about my life, because that is what my blog is about.  And my life includes many things.  It is not just parenting, not just psychological abuse, nor existential crises.  My life also includes blogging, attending various events, travel and being paid to review products that I find interesting or helpful in some way to me or my family.

I also hope to do more giveaways, especially with my friends at Lindt Australia.

One other thing – I will write about businesses, products and people that I love, for free.  Because I have a voice and my voice counts.  And I want to use my voice to help those that have helped me.  They may not even know that they helped me, but I want to tell the world and hope that in some small way that makes their life better.

Now, I wonder if you could help me – tell me, what would YOU like me to write about?