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Easy tools and programs for female entrepreneurs

Starting a business can be super exciting, but it can also be an overwhelming and confusing process.

Unless you know where to look, the information you need is all over the place and some information is not even included in basic business resources.

I have learnt the hard way, by trial and error and now I want to bring it all to you the easy way.

All the information at your fingertips, in several different formats.

Whether you want to DIY, or work with me one-on-one, below you’ll find an option that is right just for you.

So what are you waiting for? Click the thing that works best for you!

Free ebook

Download this free ebook, “How to start a business in Australia” for an easy and fast start to your dream business.

Short Course

Enroll in this short online course to get guided support and information about starting your very own business. Each lesson will take you a step closer to owning that business you’ve always dreamed about.

One-on-one coaching program

Get the VIP treatment with this one-on-one online coaching program. As well as fortnightly coaching sessions, you will get a website, write a business plan and get technical training in everything you need to know to run an online business.

Read the blog

Need advice on all things business? Not sure where to start? Check out my blog for useful tips, hints and lessons on starting and running a successful business.

More resources

Here you’ll find multiple resources on business planning, blogging and creativity.