…it’s because I’m off having a fabulous time this weekend, attending a number of blogger events in Melbourne.  I promise to tell you all about it, with pictures, when normality is restored.

It could be a while, though, because I am also moving house next week AND my son has a school concert on the night before the move…  You’d think they could have coordinated with me a bit better?

I do have a cunning plan though.  I just realised that tomorrow’s Bloggers’ Brunch doesn’t start till 10 am and I’ve organised to drop off my school boy at a friend’s house at 8 and the other at daycare.  Which gives me a whole hour to pack our suitcases for the weekend.  Yay!

No, don’t worry, they’re not coming with me.  My parents are having them for the weekend – two whole days!  As a birthday present for me.

You see, I’ll be 43 on Sunday.

It was very considerate of Nuffnang, Kids Business and Hello Blogger Events to organise all these parties just for me…  Yes?

* Image courtesy of Pink Cake Box