I am really excited to be included in this year’s Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers!

Kidspot was my lifeline for many months, when my life turned itself completely upside down. While I had my little blog, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to write about the horrid things that were happening in my life. So I blogged on Kidspot instead.

The many women that responded to my posts, my forum comments and questions, literally saved my sanity. There were several who had been in similar situations to mine and were able to offer advice and support from a place of real understanding. Many sent me private messages that brought tears to my eyes. It was then, that I really began to find my feet as a person, as an individual.

Today, I count many of those women as my real life friends. Even those few I have not yet met face to face. It is strange how an online friendship can seem so much more intimate than some real life ones.

That was how I met the gorgeous Toushka and Voluptacon, both of whom made me laugh and giggle with their hilarious blog posts. Today, they too, have their own blogs, and Toushka, of course, is also included in the Top 50. I could not be more thrilled for her.

When last year’s Top 50 Competition was run, I was vaguely aware of it, but my blogging was still in the ‘personal diary’ stage. I didn’t even read many other blogs, because life was just too insane. I was literally just trying to keep my head above water with everything that was going on.

Even this year, while I was aware that the Top 50 was being compiled, it did not occur to me to throw my hat in the ring. I did it at the very last minute at the urging of those same friends. So, yes, I was quite suprised that I made it in.

So thank you, friends, you know who you are. Thank you, all you lovely readers, that keep coming back and helping me make sense of my so called insanity. And thanks, Kidspot, for being there when I needed you and for including me in your Top 50.