Dorothy K - Is your woo-woo showing?

Have you come out as a “woo woo” believer? Do your friends and clients know that you practice “woo woo”?

I have to admit that, personally, it’s not something I disclose to too many people, mainly because it doesn’t come up in conversation, but when it does, I do claim it.

By “woo woo”, I mostly mean all things spiritual, although I will also throw in astrology, numerology and similar “ologies” in there. Not religion, not alternative medicine, but things like Law or Attraction, meditation, thoughts becoming things and the interconnectedness of all things in the Universe. Yes, Universe with a capital U.

Most people I connect with in my daily business interactions very soon come out as having a bit or a lot of “woo woo” in them. The conversation quickly turns to manifesting, raising your vibration and gratitude practice.

Earlier in the year, a friend, who works at the intersection of “woo woo” and brain science, recounted an interaction from a business event. She was guest speaker at a business women’s lunch here in Ballarat and not wanting to show her “woo woo”, kept her keynote very much to the brain science aspects of her work. Later, during general conversation, one of the participants said something like “Oh, I loved what you said about ‘insert “woo woo” here'” to her. My friend was a little taken aback because she couldn’t recall talking about this particular “woo woo”, but also amused that her “woo woo” was showing despite her best efforts to hide it.

I love that I come across so many women who are active “woo woo” believers and practitioners. Yet most tend to hide it. It’s not something we write about on our websites, in our newsletters or discuss when we first meet a potential client.

In fact, the whole idea of referring to spirituality and good health practices as “woo woo” demeans and marginalises them. I didn’t even know the term until a few years ago when another business woman referred to it as such. I basically always thought of it as “New Age spirituality stuff”, which still doesn’t give it the weight and importance it deserves.

We have been programmed to hide our spirituality in normal business dealings, yet I see lots of people proudly claiming their religious beliefs on their websites and social media profiles. Personally, I’m not terribly interested in a person’s spirituality or religious beliefs unless it is somehow relevant to the relationship I have with them. I don’t want to be preached to by anyone, but when I do find someone who shares my beliefs I do like to talk about them.

My own “woo woo” doesn’t show unless I meet a fellow believer and it is only then that I will admit to it. I don’t want to be defined by it, or discriminated against because of it, but I feel much better when I work with someone who gets it.

I can’t imagine ever including “Law of Attraction practitioner” and “Leo with Taurus rising” on my LinkedIn or Twitter profiles, because I don’t believe my spirituality, life philosophy or good mental health practices are relevant to my business interactions. Or are they? Would I attract more of my ideal clients if I was loud and proud about what I believe? Is that why so many people proudly proclaim themselves as Christian?

When you get to know any successful entrepreneur, you will soon find that they practice some form of “woo woo”. They probably meditate, have a gratitude practice and use visualisation to achieve their goals. Maybe those things aren’t as “woo woo” as astrology and the Law of Attraction, but I do know that when we women talk about them we tend to refer to them as such.

Whatever “woo woo” practice you use and whatever you call it, don’t be afraid to claim it. Stop referring to it as “woo woo” and call it your daily practice.

Acknowledging it and talking about it will help you meet others who are like-minded. It will help you feel more aligned with who you really are. The division between who you show to the world and who you really are will disappear. Being aligned to your true self will allow more flow in your life. And we all want to be “in flow”. Loving and being totally immersed in what we’re doing is the dream for all entrepreneurs. Work ceases to be work and becomes “the thing we love to do”.

I’d love to hear from you. Is your “woo woo” showing? Are you loud and proud, or do you hide in the shadows like me?