When the lovely Toushka first asked me, months ago, whether I was going to the Aussie Bloggers Conference, my reaction was “What? Why would I go to a Bloggers’ Conference?”.  Why would I pay money to go to something that wasn’t at all relevant to my work?  Yes, I had a blog, but it was more of a personal journal than a “proper blog”.

So, I said to Toushka that, no, I wouldn’t be going, unless my situation changed drastically.

Then, a few months later, a few more posts later, as I got more and more involved in the blogging community, as traffic to my blog increased, as I began spending more and more time at work working on my blog, something clicked into place.  I realised that, even though blogging wasn’t “a real job” for me and I wasn’t a “proper blogger”, I was certainly a lot more enthusiastic about it than I was about my paid job.  I would sit at my desk checking Tweetdeck on my phone, responding to Tweets, following more and more bloggers, tweaking my blog design and learning about “grabbing a button”, rather than rewriting a student handbook or documenting enrolment processes.

Don’t get me wrong, the work that needed to get done, got done.  It was just the “over and above” work that I could not get excited about.

So I decided that I would go to this Conference.  Just because I wanted to.  Just because I could.  Just because I wanted to meet in the flesh the women that I had been Tweeting with and whose blogs I had been commenting on.  So I booked my ticket.

I had no idea how the logistics were going to work out, but I knew that they would.  They always do.

It all came together nicely, I booked the hotel, I booked the flights.  Then came the invite to Wanderlust‘s Cocktail Party, then the excitement about the Conference really began to build in the blogosphere in the last few weeks.  Then I quit my job!  My situation had certainly changed drastically!

And now, with two sleeps to go – I am bloody scared!  What the hell was I thinking????

My life may be interesting on paper, but there is a reason I write about it in the comfort of my living room.  I’m no good with new people.  I can’t talk, I clam up, my words just don’t come out!  I don’t have perfectly plucked eyebrows, I don’t get manicures, I don’t have a selection of cocktail or dinner/dance dresses, or shoes!!  I live in trakky daks and t-shirts!   And I’m OLD!!  My best friends live on Facebook!

And I am not a PROPER BLOGGER!!!

However, next year I intend to be fully sponsored…