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If you don’t have the time or the inclination to write your blog content, I will do it for you. By buying this pack of 5 blog posts, you will save $105.



Regular blogging is not only good for your SEO, it also builds your credibility as a knowledgable source of good information about your topic. People buy from people who know their stuff.

But not everyone loves writing. And not everyone has time to sit there brainstorming ideas for blog post topics, let alone writing them.

If that’s you, let me take the struggle out of blogging for you. I can fill your blog full of great value-add posts that your readers will love, that will build your credibility, enhance the know, like, trust factor with your readers and showcase your products and/or services.

Imagine having all that extra free time to do what you love and peace of mind knowing that your blog is full of value and up to date?

The package includes:

  • a Zoom briefing session to clarify your business goals, as they relate to client engagement through your website and to brainstorm topic ideas for your blog, including keywords,
  • creation of a single blog post (up to 800 words),
  • Search Engine Optimisation for the post based on your keyword,
  • all research for the blog post,
  • a single image – provided by you, or sourced from,
  • one set of revisions, plus final approval of the text and images,
  • consistency with the “voice” of the rest of your website,
  • peace of mind about keeping your blog content fresh and relevant.

I will upload the post directly to your website, or send it to you as a Word doc.

Discounts are available if you purchase 5 or more posts.


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