Blog to Biz in 21 Days


Sop wondering what the others are doing to make money from their blogs. Test out which blog monetisation strategy is best for you and turn your blog into a business. Develop a one page business plan and a business model that works just for you!


Imagine – your very own business, grown out of your passion for blogging.

A business model that is right just for you and the kind of impact you want to make on your readers’ and clients’ lives.

During this 21 Day Program, we will explore all the different ways you can build a business from your blog and find the one business model that works just for you and your readers.

So, if you have you been blogging for a while, would like to take your blog to the next level and want to turn your passion for blogging into a money-making business, then this program is for YOU! 

Or maybe you’re relatively new to the blogging scene and have heard that others have made money from their blogs, so you want to know how? Again, in this program you will find out exactly how this can happen for you.

In this 21 day program, I will guide you through daily tasks to:

  • help you understand the kind of business you want to build and why,
  • learn strategies for making money on and off your blog,
  • gain a practical understanding of what it takes to start and run an online business,
  • decide which money-making strategies are best for you and your blog,
  • develop a basic business plan and marketing strategy.

You will also receive:

  • a free ebook on running an online business in Australia,
  • access to a free private Facebook Group,
  • a business plan template,
  • links to valuable business resources,
  • a private 30 minute Getting to Know You session with me, valued at $80, to help you develop an action plan for building your business, and
  • lifetime access to the content of this program.

How will it work?

  1. Each morning, you will get access to a new task on the Members Only section of this website. It’s up to you how you complete it, you can blog about it, make a video, or just post your results in the group. In the past, we’ve had some great conversations about the topics in our group.
  2. In between each set of 5 tasks, you get a “weekend” for reflection, review and catch up.
  3. There will be a weekly video Q & A via Zoom.