Brand Voice Booklet


Develop your brand voice foundations to help you write all your future copy.

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Not sure where to start with writing your copy?

This 6-page workbook will help you develop a foundation and a guide for your brand voice.

Imagine if your readers felt that you really knew them and heard them? After you complete this workbook, you will be able to write copy that speaks directly to the heart of your ideal client.

I will guide you through four exercises to develop your Brand Work Bank, Brand Benefit Statements, Brand Promise, and a detailed description of your Ideal Client. After completing this workbook, you will wonder how you ever wrote copy without it.

These brand copy foundations are the basis for all the copy you will ever write – your website, emails, blog posts, social media and any advertising you ever do.

I use this with all my copy clients and they all rave about the process and how it helps them to clarify their brand copy basics.

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