Facebook Content Strategy


30 minute content strategy development session for Facebook plus a written strategy document.



Once you have a Facebook page, you need to have a strategic approach to the kind of content you are going to post on it and when you are going to post it.

Posting random things once a week is not going to get you any results in terms of sales, numbers on your mailing lists or appointments in your diary.

A consistent, pointed strategy aimed at the clients you want to attract to your business, designed to get them taking the actions you want them to take needs to be developed with thought, data analysis and clarity.

Together we can develop this strategy during a 30 minute Skype session. During our session I will ask you questions about your business, review any relevant data that you have and suggest the best way forward for your Facebook Page. I will then develop a content strategy that you can implement yourself, or with my help. It will outline the kind of content you will need to post, how to create it, when and how you will need to post it and how to analyse Facebook insights to correct your posting strategy, as needed.

I will send you a private link to my calendar to book your session, as soon as your payment is processed.


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