Media release


A media release designed to hook the news outlets right in.

Get the media's attention with a polished, professional media release, designed to grab attention from the first sentence.

If you have a great event, business, service, not-for-profit or achievement you want everyone to know about, you need to capture the media's attention.

While the media are always on the lookout for a story, you need to know how to hook them in and get your story told.

Writing a great media release is part science and part art. You have to know where to put each bit of the story so that the news outlets lap it up.

Sometimes you need to be controversial, other times you have to be, well, timely. It's my job to find the right angle for your story, so that it stands out from the crowd.

I've been trained by Australia's media experts on how to write a press release and I have been featured in local media a number of times as a result.

Now it's your turn to take advantage of that training and get a release written just for you.


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