Social Media Strategy


A social media strategy will guide your social media efforts for best results that are aligned to your overall business goals.


Before starting to post to social media, you need to be clear about the message(s) you’re trying to send and to whom.

You also need to understand how each social media platform is different and what they are best used for. I currently work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and they each have their own uses and approaches.

Developing a social media strategy is essential to social media success. My process is two-fold:

First, we spend 60-90 minutes (in person or via Skype) to:

  • clarify your business goals,
  • define your social media goals,
  • identify your competitors,
  • identify your ideal client(s) groups, using your social media metrics (if available)
  • develop key messages for each client group,
  • develop content and engagement strategies for each group and for each social media channel.

Using this information, I will then prepare your social media strategy which will detail:

  • which social media channels you have decided to use,
  • the messages and stories you will be telling,
  • the feelings you want to evoke in your target audience,
  • the actions you want your target audience to take as a result of your posts,
  • the calls to action you will be making with your posts,
  • the types of content you will be using in your posts, as well as
  • the timing and frequency of your posts for each channel,
  • how you will actively engage with your audience. In addition, you will receive
  • a sample one week content plan for the social media channel(s) you decide to engage with.

You can then use this strategy to either develop and implement your own social media content plan or outsource this to a suitable social media manager to successfully attract your ideal clients to your business using your social media content.

Please contact me directly for a custom quote for social media strategy implementation.


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