How to start a business in Australia

A practical step-by-step guide

Do you have a burning business idea, but feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting your own business?

Have your friends told you that having your own business is a hard slog?

Are you confused by all the different information that is out there about starting and running a business?

I know how you feel because I was there once. I looked at bits and pieces of information that were scattered all over the place and felt totally overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of it all.

The biggest problem I found was that all the information was never in one place and even “guides” and books about it didn’t cover everything I really needed to know about running a business, especially in the online world.

To make things easier for YOU, an up-and-coming entrepreneur, I put together all the scattered bits of information about how to start a business in Australia and set up an online presence into this ebook.

How to start an online business in Australia


It’s a step-by-step guide to:

– ABN registration,

– GST,

– picking the right business structure,

– understanding your clients,

– setting up the right business model,

– simple accounting practices,

– finding your networks,

– building your website and

– setting up your social media channels.

If you’ve been looking for a simple guide that has all the information you need about starting a business in Australia, you can have this one absolutely FREE!

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