I am available for speaking engagements, including workshops, keynotes and panels, as well as online, radio and TV appearances.

Speaker’s Bio

Dorothy Krajewski is an Australian blogger and business coach, based in Ballarat, Victoria.

She is passionate about women having their voices heard through their online ventures, mental health advocacy and helping women recover from domestic violence.

Dorothy has previously spoken at the Digital Parents Conference 2012, the Mental Health Unconference 2012, the Melbourne Writer’s Festival in 2013 and various events in Ballarat.

She runs a regular networking group for women entrepreneurs in Ballarat and hosted a series of Ballarat Business and Lunch events in 2015-2016.

Dorothy has been creating online content since 2009, initially using her personal blog as a way to process what goes on in her head, speak out about mental illness and discuss the reality of sole parenting. Having survived an 18 year emotionally abusive relationship, she wants to help other women recognise the signs of this invisible abuse and help them see that recovery is possible. She advocates for the benefits of speaking out about those things we are most ashamed of, as a way to help us build shame resilience (as written about by Brene Brown) and to use the online connections we build to help us traverse some of our most difficult times.

In addition, Dorothy is passionate about women’s voices being heard on the world stage – through their blogs, their businesses and their causes. Women have the power to change the world, one small difference at a time, whether they are passionate about crochet, parenting or digital marketing. All our voices matter and they all add up to the overwhelming voice for world societal change.

Some topics that Dorothy can address are:

“Are you being heard? Women’s voices matter and how YOU can change the world”

“Blogging for healing and connection”

“Overcoming trauma and finding your true North”

To inquire about how Dorothy can make a powerful addition to your next event, use the Contact form or email dorothy (at) ablogofherown (dot) com.