Here is a, mostly irreverent, list of the most sort of important stuff I learnt from Friday’s Problogger event:

  • getting upgraded to an Executive Suite, where everything is BIG, is a great start to a very much looked forward to holiday training event;
  • my phone camera sucks at taking a video, I valiantly tried to video the aforementioned Executive Suite for you, but it looked and sounded awful!
  • Tweeting through every session of a conference depletes your phone battery much, much quicker than normal use – I now understand why all serious Tweeters carry their charging gear at all times;
  • bloggers love their iDevices, wherever I looked there was an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac Air Book;
  • I want an Air Book and an iMac and possibly an iPad, not sure why, I just want them so I can play with the cool kids;
  • Apple Stores should be renamed iShops – you’re welcome Apple;
  • I need a new phone (Hi Apple!) and possibly a flip cam (Hi Sony!);
  • having flowery nails is a great conversation starter – good thinning 99!
  • the shaved head look on men is definitely in, but you need to have the right shaped head to really carry it off;
  • women are taking over the world (about time!), or at least the blogging world;
  • Ninjas are an ever present danger! they also seem to know a lot about marketing;
  • my blog had better start paying for itself soon, or my galavanting to blogger events will end abruptly and not happily;
  • a lot of the cool kids are just as insecure as me;
  • inside we’re all human, connecting with that humanity inside the blogger/person you admire is what makes these events special.
There may, or may not, be a serious post about the Problogger Training Event on this blog.  I haven’t decided.  Because I’m quirky that way.  And apparently being quirky is good.