The Action Hub

Turn ideas into reality

Is your head full of ideas, but you don’t know how to make them happen?

You might think this is due to procrastination, but you simply might not have the knowledge, tools or technology to turn those ideas into reality.

You may not know where to start or maybe you lack the confidence to take action.

Confidence comes from having the skills, knowledge and tools to do what needs to be done.

Confidence comes from having someone to cheer you on.

Confidence also comes from getting results.

I want to help you take action on those ideas and follow through until they’re real.

You will finally see the results of your actions and the impact they have on your business income.

Whether your business is big or small, well established or in its infancy, together we can make all those ideas a reality.

Welcome to the Action Hub!

Taking action

When you join the Action Hub, you will start to see real results in your business because you will be taking real action week to week. And not just any action. We are talking strategic, directed action that starts with your business plan and ends in real money in your pocket.

No more idea overwhelm, no more uncertainty, no more procrastination.

Whether you want to create an online course, finally build that marketing funnel, open your first shop or increase your social media presence, we will develop a plan to make it happen, set actionable weekly goals and regularly check in on the gremlins in your head that are getting in the way of your plans.

The Action Hub will be your go-to place for taking real action and making real progress in your business. If you’ve been procrastinating for months or even years on taking that next step, now you have no more excuses.


Grow your income

By taking regular directed action, you will create more income in your business.


Learn what you need

Get custom training in how to plan for results, create marketing funnels and be more visible to your clients.


Attract the right clients

Learn how to find and speak to your ideal clients, so that they flock to your business.


Get confident

Applying the skills and tools you learn every day will grow your confidence and courage to take real action.

What’s included?

Who is this for?

Solopreneurs who:

  • want to start or grow their business,
  • are suffering from idea overwhelm and want to start taking action in their business,
  • are sick of being stuck in their business and want to increase their income,
  • want to grow in confidence as a business owner,
  • want to stop thinking small about themselves and start feeling brave in the actions they take,
  • are not afraid of having their current ways of thinking challenged and of trying new tools and ideas,
  • are service or product-based businesses,
  • identify as a woman,
  • are interested in personal development,
  • want to learn new business skills,
  • are keen to break through some unhelpful mindsets,
  • like meeting new people.

Who am I?

I’m Dorothy Krajewski and I’m the queen of getting things done. I’ve done a lot of big scary things in my life, some by choice, some by fate, but they all had the same things in common. I know how to research, plan, and implement. I know how to surround myself with qualified, supportive people. Once I commit to something, I carry it out and I know how to help others who are in the same boat.

Right now I’m a business coach and I have 25 years of experience in helping people get their work done and teaching them how to do their work better. I am also a certified adult educator and group facilitator, experienced in helping groups come up with new ideas, solve problems and plan for the future. In addition to business coaching, I offer copywriting and digital marketing services to my clients.

I am a master problem solver, people connector and question asker. I will probe deeply to find the reason why you’re not getting things done and what’s standing in the way of your business success. I am also a massive cheerleader for my clients and you will find no one more enthusiastic about your business, except perhaps yourself.

Yes, I have a funny name and a funny accent. I was born in Poland, but have lived most of my life in Australia. I have two teenage sons, whom I raise on my own, with the very able assistance of my three cats. I’ve lived in Ballarat for over eight years, so that makes me “almost” a local. The future will see me move closer to the coast because I just love the ocean and its soothing effect on my psyche.

Working with Dorothy gave me traction, accountability and momentum. Having someone support me in my business has been invaluable in helping me move forward at a fast rate. With Dorothy’s support I have consistently ran my workshops, put myself out there and am now ready to do live speaking…something I have had a real fear about. Helen Frys

How do you join?

Membership is open to any solopreneur based in Australia who meets the above criteria. Enrolment in the Action Hub is ongoing and you can join any time. The period of membership is 3 months and you can join as often as you like.

Are you ready to take action in your business?

The cost of membership is $2997 for 3 months, divided into monthly instalments of $999, but until 31 January 2021, the monthly cost is $499 for each of your first three months.

When you click the Join Now! button you will be taken to Checkout where you can complete the transaction.

Details of your membership will be emailed to you once your payment clears.

Time until early bird bonus expires








Our work starts on Tuesday, 5 January and meetings will be scheduled weekly at a time that best suits the group.

Early Bird Bonus

As an extra special incentive for those who join before December 31, you will receive a bonus copy of Daniele LaPorte’s “The Desire Map” and a ticket to my once-off Desire Map planning workshop to be held in January.

The Desire Map