This is a guest post by my friend and coach, Janette Dalgliesh, the Identity Shift Ninja. Janette created my Star Map for me, when we first began working together. I highly recommend this as a way of getting some clarity into who you really are.

Procrastination - Dorothy K | Online Success Coach

You know the one I mean.

The one that has you stewing in your own juices, your brain overloaded with stress chemicals, your career stuck in the mud and your family wondering what on earth happened to their lovely mum / girlfriend / daughter who seemed so on track just last week.

It’s Procrastination.

It sucks.

And before you run screaming from this post or hurl your laptop out the window, please know that I am NOT going to tell you to make yet another plan, or push yourself through it, or just ‘get on with it’.

There’s a very good reason many of us procrastinate.

[Sidebar, your Honour. Yes, sometimes we procrastinate from fear – of failure, of success, of being too visible, of being too powerful. That’s not the good reason, and you probably already know what to do. Deep breath, take one tiny baby step, pause for celebrations and a reward. Rinse and repeat until you’re on a roll. ‘kay?]

What could possibly be a good reason for procrastination?

It’s the wisdom to pause when you’re not 100% clear.

Imagine you’re driving in a dense fog. Would you barrel ahead at normal speed and hope to goddess you don’t drive into a ditch or hit a brick wall? Of course not. You’d pause and get your bearings.

Procrastination can be a sign that you’re caught in a fog, and you’re pausing for good reason.

You’re not as passionate about your business as you thought you were. You’re not clear whether it’s still a fit for you, as your dreams have grown and shifted. Or you were never all that clear about what you wanted (everyone talks about passion but what the heck IS that?).

If your business isn’t a way for you to express yourself, why bother? You’ll make more money and have happier clients if you love what you’re doing. So getting clear about your deeper, more authentic Self really matters, to both you and your business.

Procrastination may simply be nudging you to pay attention to your clarity levels.

The wise navigator takes stock. She finds a way to clear the fog before she races ahead. And there are plenty of ways to do that.

Core values: your deepest internal beliefs about what you need in order to live a happy, fulfilling life. You can pick from a long list (you’ll find plenty online) or you can analyse a recent, totally-in-the-zone fabulous on-cloud-9 time (either in your business or outside it), to see what values were present. Or you can delve into things that bring delight and see what common value they have at their core. My passions for detective fiction and archaeology were my clues to a core value of ‘discovery’.

Childhood passion: that thing which always got you into trouble. Mine was daydreaming and talking – my nickname was “chatterbox” – and now I make a living dreaming, and sharing information with my clients.

Desired feelings: the feeling behind ThatThingYouWant. For every desire you have – business-related or otherwise – you can drill down to the underlying desire feeling by asking “why do I want that?”.

I wanted to be part of a science-fiction anthology. Why did I want that? So I could have my story alongside those of some authors I respected. Why did I want that? So I could feel like I was part of their world. Why did I want that? To feel like I belong. The desire for “belonging with” helped inspire me to write a story that I still love, to this day.

Or of course, you can hire some outside help.

Clarity is so important to my own coaching practice, I now begin all my client work with a StarMap: a map of a person, as the radiant star of their own life.

That’s because I know we don’t arrive on the planet as a blank slate. We arrive with preferences, values, likes and dislikes, and ambitions for adventure and mastery. And although we arrive shining and clear on the planet, by the time we go through even the most well-intentioned schooling and parenting and the teenage years and all the other social conditioning, some of that radiance is hidden behind fogbanks.

We forget the full richness of our purpose here and we struggle to navigate, especially if we don’t have a map.

Procrastination may simply be a sign that you’re caught in the fog.

Time to allow a little clarity into the mix. Who are you, truly? And how can you bring more of that to your business? I’m betting that if you can reconnect to that core shining Self, procrastination will become a distant memory.

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JD w coffee smiling smallJanette Dalgliesh is the Identity Shift Ninja. She is a coach and author with a penchant for the marriage of science and spirituality, and a passion for empowerment.

Her unique talent for translating complex science into plain English has opened the door to a radically upgraded life for many people.

Based in south-eastern Australia, Janette has an international following. She’s on faculty for Good Vibe University and has received LOA Leaders Awards for both of her best-selling “Everyday Superpower” Kindle ebooks. You’ll find Janette at