Are you a celebrity? Or a cat? Because if you’re not, then I’ll bet you’re making this mistake with your website.

If you prefer your content as video, here is one I prepared earlier:

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The number one mistake you’re probably making with your website is that you’re making it all about you.

And if you’re a celebrity or a cat, then that’s fine. People come to your website wanting to find out all the juicy details about your life, your career, your funny videos and photos. Ok, the part about the funny videos is mostly for the cats’ fans, but you get my drift. Visitors want to find out everything they can about YOU.

But if your website is representing your business, finding out all about you is the last thing on their minds.

Well, who should it be about? It is MY business after all?

What they want to find is themselves. They want you to show them that you know them – their problems, their pain, the solutions they’re looking for and they want to know how you’re going to make their lives better.

Whether you’re selling fences, massage or graphic design, you need to make sure that your website visitor recognises themselves when they come to your website. They want to see the words that go through their minds when they’re lying awake at night and the specific ways in which you’re going to solve their problem.

So, if you’re a winery with a function space and you rely on weddings as one of your income sources, then you’d better have the word “weddings” somewhere on your home page and a whole section of your website dedicated to weddings. The history of your winery is best left on your About page, as is your list of awards and qualifications.

This means that you have to be really clear about who your ideal clients are. Not only their demographics, but also their behaviours, their problems (relevant to your business) and their aspirations.

You also have to be really clear on what it is you’re really selling. For example, the weight loss industry is not really selling weight loss, they’re selling confidence. As is the beauty industry. I’m not really selling coaching and copywriting, I’m selling confindence, peace of mind and more time with your family.

Do you know what you’re selling? And who you’re selling it to?

Is your website about you, or about your client?

If you’d like me assess your website and give you actionable advice on making it more client-friendly, then book in for a Website Review today. At just $47, it’s the best action you can take right now to make sure that your visitors are not leaving your website without finding what they’re looking for.


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