So you have a Facebook page for your business.  Now what?  What do you post on it?

I already wrote about how to build your fan base, today I want to focus on engaging with your audience.

What exactly should you post to grab your fans’ attention and spread the word about your page and business?

The key to engagement, building rapport with your fans and attracting new ones is to add real value to their lives – to be genuinely helpful.

This goes beyond posting information about your business, products and services, or links to your website, in fact, if you do just that you will quickly lose fans and your presence on Facebook will dwindle to almost nothing.

So what kinds of posts work best?

According to Jane Lynch from Giraffe Marketing the most effective posts on Facebook pages are those that add real value to your fans’ lives.  How do you do that?

Firstly, just because this is your business page, do not be frightened about mixing in some personal stuff.  The quickest way to build rapport with your fans is to let them see you as a person, not just a business.  Approximately 30% of your Facebook page content should be personal, telling stories about your life, your values and why you are in business.  You want your fans to like you, to trust you.  When they trust you they are more likely to buy from you.

Download a printable version here  [download id=”3″]

The second type of posts are links to useful articles from the web.  These can be on any topic you think your fans might find useful.  Sometimes these will be directly relevant to your business and the types of products and services you provide.  Sometimes, they might be general interest articles or links to your blog if you have one.

Some good sources of content are Alltop, Mashable and Muck Rack.  If your business is local, check out for local sources of information, such as your local papers, local government updates and Facebook pages.  These articles may be seasonal, relevant to particular times of the year, or particular events.

Thirdly, use images.  Research has shown that images attract a lot more attention –  more comments, likes and click-throughs – than text updates alone.  I certainly have found it to be true with my own Facebook pages.  For example, when posting a link to your latest article or blog post, upload an image from that post first and then add the link in the body of the post.  Share others’ images, inspirational quotes and infographics that would be of interest to your clients.  Make your own infographics (diagrams and charts) using Piktochart,  Tagxedo, or even Powerpoint.  You never know when something you’ve created will go viral.

While you’re sharing images, don’t forget about video.  Make your own videos to share with your fans, find them on YouTube, or from your own Facebook feed.

Try these three ideas for Facebook page content, mix them up through the day, the week and watch how they affect your fan base size and engagement.

What type of content works best for your Facebook page?