AusBlogCon to Problogger – A Blogger’s Journey

Two years ago, I would have asked  “What’s a ‘Problogger’?”, when reading about people’s experiences at that year’s Training Day.

A year ago, I would never have called myself a blogger.  I just had a blog.

Then things changed.  I began to resent my job, I was bored.  I wrote blog posts.  I played around on Twitter.

My job was just a job.  It paid the bills.  It made me unhappy.  It was my “baby’s” last year before school.

My blog became my sanity saver.  People began to read it.  High profile bloggers began to comment and share it around.

Early this year, I quit my job.  Not that I could afford it.  Later, I sold my house and became a renter again.

In March, I had the temerity to attend the Aussie Bloggers Conference in Sydney, followed by a series of blogger meet-ups, PR events for bloggers and two more conferences in Melbourne.

I had never invested that much of my own time, effort and money into a “hobby”.  A hobby, that has slowly morphed into a job.  A job, with limited, if any, financial benefits.  So far.

I just can’t seem to help myself.  I think, therefore I blog.  My head is, and always has been, full of internal dialogue.  Blogging allows me to get that out of my head, keeping me, as the tag line says, sane.  Perhaps if I succeed in making meditation a regular part of my life, I may have a lesser need to blog.  Maybe.