Are you confused about what is “copywriting”?

I was.  I was wondering if I knew how to do it, or if I had already been doing it with my work.

Some people confuse “copywriting” with “copyright”.

Copyright relates to the ownership of something you have created, such as a piece of writing, an artwork, a design, or a computer program.  In Australia, copyright is automatic – as soon as something is created, it belongs to the person who created it.  There is no need to register copyright, as in some other countries.

So what is “copywriting”?

Copywriting refers to any written work which is created with the purpose of selling something.  These days, I would define just about any written work that a business creates as copywriting, because it is all aimed at forming and/or improving a relationship with clients.

So copywriting doesn’t just refer to advertising content, as it might have in the past, it also refers to websites, newsletters, press releases, blog posts and, to some extent, ebooks.

And so, as I looked up the definition of copywriting, I realised that I was, indeed, a copywriter.