We’ve already discussed the five top strategies for making money from your blog, but what is the best strategy for YOU?

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You won’t know that until you get to know yourself first. What you stand for, what you’re good at, what you like doing.

During my December 21 Days to a Blogging Biz Challenge, I asked participants to look deep inside themselves to figure out what they were all about. We spent time remembering the reasons we started blogging, we discussed our values and got to know our readers.

I then encouraged them to explore the different ways to monetise their blogs. This gave them a chance to decide what was a good fit and what wasn’t.


For example, the creative types, who love creating products and programs, whether physical or digital, knew immediately that was the best way for them. They probably also had some other skills gained through work and life experience, which they could now combine with their blogging skills to make money.  For some, this extended into setting up new businesses, when their products or services, weren’t necessarily directly related to their blogs. This is how I have chosen to monetise the skills I have learnt while blogging.

Others, whose creativity might be mostly around the written word could choose to direct their efforts towards getting their work published in print and online publications or even consider writing a book. Again, this might be directly related to their blogging niche or be something completely different. Often blogging gives us confidence to do things with our existing skills that we would never have considered before starting a blog.

For many bloggers the answer might be working with brands, especially for those in the parenting, food, fashion and beauty niches. The brands in these markets are keen to work with bloggers and many have formed very successful relationships with bloggers.

At times, the strategy will find you. You might be asked to speak at an event because of the topic you blog about, or submit an article to an online magazine. Once you develop authority in your niche, the opportunities might be chasing you, rather than the other way around. For a while, I was writing regular articles for a website about the migrant experience, because of my Polish background. I also worked with another blogger managing her competitions, because I developed expertise in doing that on my own blog.

Brands also might start to approach you because of the topics you blog about and offer you opportunities to work with them. They will probably ask you to do that for free and that’s OK when you’re just starting out, but don’t sell yourself short, your blog and your audience have value, so don’t be afraid to start charging for your work with brands. Many articles have been written about how much to charge, this is just one of them.

At the end of the day, the best approach is to play around with all the different ways of monetising your blog until you find the mix that is right for you. Don’t think that just because you start working with brands, you have to continue indefinitely. You can stop any time you like. You have to feel OK with whatever strategy you adopt.

For me, working with brands was fun for a couple of years and it is lovely to receive free stuff all the time, but then, there is only so much STUFF your house can hold. And it can become hard to get excited about yet another mop or juice box. I realised that my personal blog was about keeping myself sane, giving me a creative outlet and connecting with others who were in the same boat as me. Working with brands just did not fit into that. What did fit was my love of writing and sharing what I know with others. As a former corporate trainer, coaching and developing online programs was a logical next step.

So what will be the best mix for you?


Why not join me for the February 21 Days to a Blogging Biz Challenge, where you will find out all you need to know about starting and running an online business, have a play with different blog monetising strategies and develop a basic Business Plan. It might just be the kickstart you need to get that long dreamed of businrss going.

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