The question of “what is my message?” has been popping up again and again in my universe for the past several weeks.

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At first, I had no idea. What message can there be in supporting women to get their online business off the ground?

My initial motivation for setting up a business like this was to help women be heard and seen on the world stage. I want women to step into their power and take their right place in having a say in how the world is run. I’ve written elsewhere about the quiet revolution and I believe I have a role to play in it. When my clients talk to me about the work I’ve done with them, they tell me that I’ve empowered and inspired them, both of which always come as a complete surprise to me, because I certainly don’t see myself as inspirational.

And here in lies the problem. It’s all about how I, and you, see ourselves. I have a huge suspicion that most of us women feel that we’re not enough.

Not enough to fit in with the cool crowd at school, not good enough to get the right marks that would make our parents happy, not good enough to get a boyfriend/husband/partner, not good enough parent, worker, partner, etc. We worry about how we look, our age, our parenting, our work and a myriad other things in which we feel we come up short of the ideas. Social media is not helpful. We see a constant stream of others’ seemingly perfect lives and forget that it’s a highlight reel. We forget that underneath all that are women with similar fears and feelings as us.

Whenever I post something about self-doubt on one of my Facebook pages, it is consistently followed by comments of “Me, too,” and “Thank you for saying this, I’ve felt so alone”.

And so I’ve figured out that my message to you is that “You are enough!”. Because that is what I need to hear again and again. It is something I need to repeat to myself and remind myself, again and again in order to function.

Indeed, I  believe very strongly that “YOU are enough!” I never have any doubts that you, my friends, my clients, ARE enough. The only doubts I have are about myself and my climb out of that belief is a work in progress.

Everything I do in my business is about empowering you to feel confident and in control of your online identity. I sense your fears and doubts about this and I want to tell you “You ARE enough!”

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You are exactly where you are meant to be at this precise moment. You are reaching out to the right people, you are making the right decisions and you are awesome at what you do. You are doing your best, given your current knowledge and circumstances.

If you don’t believe it yourself, yet, let me believe it for you. Or print out this beautiful printable and put it up somewhere where you will see it throughout the day.

YOu are your business

Click here for the printable version. I am enough.